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       Grab a cup of coffee, 'cause we're in for a treat at the IFVP Regional Meetup 2023 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

We've got three awesome keynote speakers lined up

         1. Tul Lekutai, Pictures Talk from Thailand

         2. Jihyun Lee, Visual Sharing from  South Korea

         3. Chung Le Visual, Visual Solutions Institute from Vietnam

We are going to show you the magic of turning data into simple, accessible information – calls "Humanize Data."

Listen to the secret source of principle and the backstories of their showcases, from day one right up to the grand finale. Don't forget to ask those burning questions, and let's make this meetup one to remember!

About the IFVP

For the past 29 years, the IFVP has been organizing an annual conference for visual practitioners to:

• share new ideas, tools, resources, learnings

• network across industry and geography to discover the variety of professional applications of this work

• celebrate the diversity of this community and the impact of the work we do in business, academia, and

   personal development. 

Sponsorship by 

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Visual practitioners from Asia have been joining the annual IFVP conference from as early as 2011...In 2018,

5 visual practitioners from Singapore joined the IFVP conference held in Berlin. Whether you are new to this growing industry, or a seasoned professional, this year is a chance to connect closer to home.


We will, however, have 2 international speakers, as well as a showcase of Asian Visual practitioners. 


What you Can expect this year

Here's what you can expect at this year's IFVP Asian Summit


Lessons, insights into the industry, and to what's possible 

Tips on business resilience from a seasoned veteran

Practical tools on being a better visual storyteller

Connect with Visual practitioners from the region.

facilitated Open space session to share questions and knowledge

Visual tools and formats for harvesting in virtual environments. 

World Cafe to harvest collective learnings, discoveries, new tools, to share on the IFVP Global event space


In addition, the following countries will be hosting their own locals events: Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India. Meet your "local " community or visual practitioners in a dynamic exchange of ideas, tools, and local stories and knowledge

Key Note Speakers


Tul Lekutai

Architect | Visual Practitioner 

About Tul

Mr. Lekutai graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of images and design. He has led Pictures Talk to implement 500+ image thinking projects to solve policy, strategy, research, brand, and innovation issues for major partners such as UNDP, Oracle, Samsung, SCG, AIS, and more. He also coordinates image thinking workshops for businesses and major events such as TEDxChiang Mai, IFVP Asia, and more.

Jihyun Lee

Visual Recorder I

Visual Practitioner


Chung Le

Founder of Visual Solutions Institute

About Jilly

Jihyun Lee is an organizational development consultant and graphic facilitator based in Seoul, South Korea. She has a background of Industrial organizational psychology and holds a master degree in Human Resource Development. Her passion is supporting innovators of organization and society. Human progress has been made by unreasonable people(George Bernard Shaw) and they always go through adversities. Visualization helps them to show their vision and dream together. Her strength is making vague vision into concrete strategies. She wish people to think and plan based on reliable facts and data. That’s why she tries to make games using visuals so that people can learn playing them naturally .

About Chung

Ms. Chung has over 10 years of experience in practicing image thinking using various methods such as mind mapping, sketchnoting, and graphic facilitation. She is the founder of Sketchnote Academy (2017) and Visual Solutions Institute (2020). With boundless passion for image thinking, she has built the Visual Thinking Ecosystem community to share experiences and connect with over 30,000 members. In 2023, she was officially appointed a member of the global IFVP board of directors.

Regional Meeting Activities

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Tim Hamons

Art of Awakening



Tul Lekutai

 Pictures Talk



Chung Le

Sketch Note Academy



Jihyun Lee

Visual Sharing

South Korea


Tomohide Oshima

Speaking Essay inc


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